Fourtold is proud to be B Corp™ certified.

“We believe that business can and must be a force for good with a huge role to play in tackling the global issues of our time.

We wanted to demonstrate our own commitment to responsible business by achieving B-Corp certification – the gold standard.  This certification is a huge milestone for us. After celebrating our 10th anniversary last year, it represents the foundational step for the next stage of our journey to be a better consultancy.”

Debbie Parriss (Founding Partner)

Fourtold’s purpose

About two years ago we defined and launched

We wanted to make sure that these weren’t just nice words but grounded in meaningful action, starting with taking a hard look at our own business.

B Corp™ stood out as a gold stamp for businesses focused on becoming more sustainable, with a  rigorous methodology for assessing impact across all aspects of sustainability.

Being sustainable, in the broadest sense, matters to us and we know that it matters to our clients. As part of the B Corp community, we are committed to continuing to embed the principles of sustainability into how we run and improve our business.

“Getting BCorp certified was hugely important to us, our team and our clients. I admire so many B Corps and it’s amazing to now be counted among the ranks of businesses that are proving to the world that it’s possible to be commercially successful while benefiting people, communities, and the planet.  It’s been a big lift getting certified, and exciting to think that this is just the beginning.”

Matthew Willis (Founding Partner)