Brussels Morning: Why the EU’s Fit for 55 matters

It is hardly news to say that the world is facing a climate crisis. The real news is what the world is doing about it. The European Union has already set a target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 as it works towards carbon neutrality by 2050. And this week, the European Commission will explain exactly how the EU will meet its targets. The so-called Fit for 55 packages that the Commission will unveil, brings more ambition to the EU´s climate framework and tightens up the targets across the policy field.

Why is this necessary? For all the progress of the previous EU targets, they do not keep the EU on track to meet the requirements of the 2015 Paris Agreement. And ahead of the autumn UN climate conference, COP26, the rest of the world also needs to act: the EU is hoping that through leading by example and in making new commitments, other countries will follow suit.

Read the op-ed by our Director of EU Public Affairs Tatu Liimatainen on Brussels Morning, published on July 13, 2021.