Our Services

At Fourtold, we work with our clients to develop smart, integrated, inside-out approaches to communications and public affairs to succeed in a fast-moving world. Our goal is to provide you with the communications consultancy and delivery you need to achieve your goals and build, enhance and protect your business, brand and reputation.

Our Expertise

We work in some of the most challenging and complex sectors – including industrials, pharma & biotech, technology, legal and financial services. We know organisations are expected to have strong values, behave well, give back, pay forward, share and be open to scrutiny. Drawing from our experience, we can help you navigate these challenges and the risks and opportunities your organisation may face.

Corporate Brand & Reputation

We are focused on protecting and growing clients’ brand and reputation, supporting their corporate and commercial objectives, online and offline.

Employee & Change

We build and deliver creative, insightful campaigns that help clients communicate and engage their employees.

Digital & Social

From designing global digital and social strategies, to content planning and development, publishing, community management or data analytics, we’ve the experience and expertise clients can rely on.

Public Affairs & Advocacy

Analysing the policy landscape and the stakeholder ecosystem to craft and implement creative and disruptive strategies that deliver impact in the heart of the European Union.

Issues & Crisis

Senior, tried and tested consultants who provide calm, always-on, advice and delivery across the full issues & crisis cycle from preparation and readiness to delivery and recovery, online and offline.

Our Promise


We never settle for the easy option. Our thinking, solutions and ideas must help you to stand out in the crowd and achieve sustainable results.

This requires ‘smart’ not ‘gimmicky’ creativity that builds loyalty and trust.


We will not overpromise and we will always be honest about what works and what doesn’t.

We encourage a partnership based on honest feedback and seek to consistently achieve excellence in all that we do.


We will challenge ourselves and you to push boundaries while remaining relevant and influential based on thoughtful analysis of reliable evidence,  intelligent interpretation of threats and opportunities and up to date thinking on market trends.


We judge ourselves by the results we deliver and we are committed to helping you deliver your objectives.

We will measure and evaluate our performance with you regularly to ensure that we can continue to add value.

Some of our tools


Unique insight into the debates that drive your reputation

StormCast, Fourtold’s proprietary intelligence service, helps you filter through the wall of social media noise to understand who is saying what about your issue or brand, and how the online debate might best be influenced.


Comprehensive social media crisis audit and testing

We combine our depth of crisis management experience with the knowledge of leading social media experts to review, refine and stress test crisis procedures for a modern threat.


A strategy tool for conversations that drive change 

‘Change is the new normal’ – but all organisations have pivotal moments, such as a new CEO, a renewed business strategy or a change in ownership, where it’s critical that the entire organisation understands and buys-into the new direction.


Collaborative workshops to mine your best stories   

Storytelling isn’t what it used to be. In today’s crowded media environment, for a message to work, it has to be meaningful. And no matter the sector or the subject, to be effective, a story has to stick.

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