In today’s complex and fast changing world, establishing trust through authenticity is the proven cornerstone of a strong and resilient reputation.

We build trust in the science and technology behind our clients’ expertise, their products and their people through a relentless focus on differentiation and authenticity.

Our approach is multi-disciplinary in terms of the communications expertise we bring together to develop a client’s corporate reputation strategy and integrated, channel agnostic in our approach to implementation.

We start with purpose and positioning to create a compelling narrative that works across all external stakeholders and internal audiences.

We ensure senior leaders can bring their organisation’s story to life in a personally compelling and authentic way.

We then support our clients with a strong corporate communications strategy and surround sound implementation plan that builds awareness, understanding and effective engagement with the audiences critical to their business’s licence to operate and commercial success.

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Policy decisions are never made in a vacuum. In today’s world of always-on, information overload, the traditional approach of focusing solely on direct engagement is not enough.

We design and deliver impactful, integrated public affairs and communication strategies to influence and shape the political decision-making environment.

We help our clients successfully navigate the policy landscape and the stakeholder ecosystem to co-create win-win solutions with policymakers and regulators.

Our track record for results is based on deep policy and political intelligence with a proven mobilising, campaigning approach.

Our team comes from a broad range of political and policy backgrounds, offering:

  • Political risk and insight analysis
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Stakeholder engagement and coalition building,
  • Policy campaigning combined with a deep understanding of the role of media and social media in influencing the political arena.

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Leaders are no longer judged solely on their contribution to commercial value. How they pre-empt and the speed of their reaction to the changing views of stakeholders and society, determines the resilience of their reputation.

We provide our clients with a forensic approach to understanding what their most influential audiences expect and map these insights for competitive advantage.

Our advice and recommendations are insight driven and audience led. We identify who and what will have the most impact and influence on business goals. We provide in-depth stakeholder attitude mapping and risk and opportunity analysis against clients’ current strategies, practices and communications messages.

Our Insights Team combines expertise in research and digital analytics, with marketing planners, policy, campaigning and reputation management experts. This expertise is combined to deliver:

  • Stakeholder mapping and insight
  • Policy and political landscape mapping
  • Digital analytics
  • Media and influencer perception assessment
  • Quantitative and qualitative research and testing
  • Narrative and messaging development and testing

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In an era of increasing scepticism around corporate responsibility, leaders’ commitment to measurable sustainability is essential. It determines staff attraction, levels of stakeholder engagement and corporate reputation.

We work with our clients to ensure they have a purpose led, authentic and differentiated story to tell.

Our approach is based on expert understanding of ESG expectations. We work with our clients to identify their strengths and vulnerabilities by mapping their current plan against their most important stakeholders’ expectations, producing a gap analysis and opportunity map.

We help leaders develop an actionable and measurable strategy and we support this with a compelling narrative that resonates internally and externally.

Confidence in the power of our strategy and narrative is ensured through our bespoke process of internal co-creation and external qualitative and quantitative testing.

To support impactful communications, we provide our clients with leadership coaching and cascade training to ensure everyone in the organisation can talk compellingly about the company’s commitments.

Where our clients need to drive deeper awareness and understanding of their commitments or change perspectives and influence policy, we support them with impactful communications campaigns to drive actionable progress.

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The war for talent has increased the focus on employee engagement like never before, putting the pressure on organisations to ensure that their people feel strongly connected to, and inspired by, their company purpose and brand.

But, instead the experience of diverse employee populations, who may be spread across disparate roles and locations, is often incongruent with the brand promise.

We help our clients develop an integrated and consistent communications and engagement strategy that galvanises their workforce, igniting a connection to the company’s purpose and driving brand advocacy.

Our specialist team of highly experienced internal communicators and organisational design specialists, combined with our creative experts, help leaders address the people implications of critical business issues.

Our expertise focuses on the following:

  • Change management and transformation communications
  • Employee Engagement
  • Culture development
  • Corporate affairs / Communications function review and transformation
  • Building internal brand advocacy
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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In an increasingly fractured media landscape, where competition for stakeholders’ attention is fierce, organisations and leaders are transforming the way they engage with their key audiences.

We use a sophisticated, data and analytics approach to devise high impact social and digital media strategies for C-suite executives and their organisations to deliver tangible commercial value.

Our approach is audience led. This ensures our digital and news strategies alongside content development and publishing have the impact required.

Our team benefits from highly experienced print, digital and broadcast journalists who inform our news, digital and influencer strategies as part of surround sound campaigns.

We then apply a data-driven approach to engagement to make sure every interaction has the potential to create financial, societal, and environmental value.

Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Award winning CEO profile building
  • Thought leadership
  • Digital and social strategy review
  • On-line Campaigning
  • On-line issues and crisis management

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Expectations of leaders and boards has never been higher. They must not only deliver commercial success and drive responsible businesses practices, they are also the voice that builds and maintains trust with their internal and external stakeholders at the most critical of moments.

We ensure leaders find their authentic voice and develop a compelling purpose led narrative so they can communicate with confidence, credibility and consistency.

These three C’s guides our expert media trainers and leadership coaches’ approach. They help leaders and the c-suite navigate the conversations most critical to their organisational success.

We start by developing their compelling narrative and stress test this to ensure it can be tailored to deliver consistently and effectively across diverse stakeholders and internal audiences.

Most importantly we focus on ensuring our clients communicate with authenticity and avoid the over repeated soundbite and the lack of meaningful engagement.

We develop tailored programmes suited to each clients’ needs and challenges, these include:

  • Narrative development and stress testing
  • Effective first 100-day engagement narrative
  • Media interview preparation
  • Social media profile development
  • Conference and panel speech delivery
  • Crisis spokesperson skills

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Resilient reputation and maintaining trust in the face of emerging issues depends on continued faith in the organisation’s leadership.

We help our clients identify and minimise potential regulatory, social and geopolitical risks that could impact the organisation’s licence to operate and damage trust in the leadership.

Every organisation will experience issues and crisis situations at some point. The ones who manage those circumstances and recover quickly are those whose leadership actively prepare for potential risks ahead of time, are ready to respond and able to act quickly in a transparent and open way.

Our deep corporate communication expertise and track record for effective crisis management, ensures our specialist team help clients manage potential issues effectively using our proven model:

  1. Pre-crisis: identify, minimise, prepare and protect
  2. Crisis Response: mobilise and stabilise
  3. Post crisis: review and rebuild

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