Building influence and engaging with a target audience, internally or externally, is successful when the right approach is put in place. Here is how Fourtold does it:


We propose solutions with a data-based understanding of the audience mind-set. Using tools like StormCast, we can analyse who is saying what on social media, and how the online debate might be influenced. Everything we do is based on research and intelligence. In today’s digital world, the old adage “listen before you speak” has never been more true.


We help clients achieve two-way dialogue, in both traditional and digital media. We are experts in digital strategy, and have extensive experience connecting corporate communications with advocacy, policy and public affairs issues across social and digital channels.


To help a client change an opinion, promote action, or inform policy, we help identify compelling messages and create creative story approaches. Good stories are full of reliable information, transparent concepts and compelling ideas. And a creative story will resonate emotionally. No matter the sector, no matter the subject, to engage and persuade an audience, the story has to stick.